Welcome to the MSP JumpStart Resource Portal!​ ​Today, delivering new highly-differentiated services—fast—is how you grow your top line revenues, expand your business, and establish leadership. Our MSP partners use the SL1 monitoring and automation platform to develop new revenue streams from premium service offerings, while also reducing the cost of service delivery.​ The MSP JumpStart program shows you how to monetize the SL1 platform by defining new offerings, building them out, and taking them to market quickly with assistance from ScienceLogic. ​ Below you will find sample service definitions, including managed business service offer descriptions, and other go-to-market support resources. ​ We also offer high-touch consulting services—tailored to your business objectives. Contact us to discuss how MSP JumpStart can help you grow your business and get a jump on rolling out new services powered by ScienceLogic.​